Friday, 31 May 2013

The Signet Bureau

Stockist Profile: The Signet Bureau 165 Gertrude St, Fitzroy Australia.

Situated in Melbourne's creative district, The Signet Bureau is an evolving retail gallery showcasing independent Melbourne design. Visit for cutting edge tailoring, artisanal knitwear and hand-made footwears. While you're in the neighborhood, check in for a spot of lunch or coffee at any number of awesome cafes including De Clieu, Arcadia or Birdman Eating, or on your way to dinner at Gourmet Traveller award-winning restaurant, Cutler & Co.

Each brand has a strong sense of itself, being driven by a desire to create outstanding pieces of design rather than slavishly following fashion trends.

In a marketplace brimming full of knockoffs and derivative styles, The Signet Bureau brands pursue the creation of exciting individual bespoke pieces which are also future design classics.

The brands are all passionate about craftsmanship and have mastered their particular area. We are not satisfied with just preserving traditional craft practice but endeavour to revolutionise and evolve the craft.

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