Saturday, 4 May 2013

Collaboration: The sum is greater than it's parts

We relish in the opportunity to extend ourselves creatively beyond our own skill-sets by joining forces with talented artists - making clothing is just one element of our psyche. We are both passionate about music, film, sculpture, painting, design, architecture... anything imaginative which involves a high level of skill and expertise. We collaborate with a lot of different people, and by doing so we're able to explore an infinite realm of concepts and technologies beyond our own reach. The spirit of collaboration is central to our label's ethos, enabling us to share knowledge and ideas with the intention of creating something truly innovative. Starting Tettmann.Doust has allowed us to work with artists whose work we love.

Yandell Walton

Yandell is an accomplished Contemporary Artist exhibiting nationally and internationally, specialising in Digital Media and Projection Installation. She has directed and co-produced short-film Shift, inspired by our debut collection Aves Insecta for the No Home Fashion + Film Festival (2012); Gertrude St Projection Festival exhibit, Hands (2011) and numerous other themed projection installations for our VIP events.

Perhaps our most ambitious collaboration to date has been that of our first L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival solo runway, pairing up with Animator Tobias J Edwards of DefNative, producing a site-specific installation uniting light, movement and sound in the form of an experiential solo runway event.

Insecta from Yandell Walton on Vimeo.
By Yandell Walton and Tobias Edwards

Projected animation by Yandell Walton and Tobias J Edward visuals for Tettmann.Doust launch

Aves Insecta solo show (2012) at 1000 £ Bend, Melbourne

Tobias J Edwards  

Talented VFX artist, animator and sound designer Tobias J. produces a diverse range of digital and traditional media including illustration, content for TV, feature films, VFX and animated shorts. A member of the Broken Beat Assult crew, Tobi collaborated with us on our Aves Insecta solo show and short-film, Shift, developing motion graphics and soundscapes.

Short-film, 'Shift' (2012). Photo credit: Fiona Storey

 Motion Still: 'Shift' (2012)

Filming 'Shift' with Tobias J, Yandell Walton and Eva Podsiadlowski

Dan Wills 

From the stuff of clouds, crystals and lightening, to the digital realm of modelling and revolutionised computer graphics, fractals allow people to analyse and mimic nature’s elaborate process of creation. VFX Technical Director by day, Dan utilises fractals to generate sound and visual effects for feature films. By night, he devises fractal equations which generate artistic and elaborate imagery. His investigations have lead him to discover (and coin the term) 'NegMandels', which are a unique variety of fractal equation multiplied by the power of a negative integer. We collaborated with Dan on our Autumn/Winter 2013 (Infinitum) and forthcoming Spring/Summer '13/14 (Nova Sequence) collection print designs, generated from his mathematical equations. An amazing response to this imagery has also seen us trial the production of soft furnishings (more on this later).

Infinitum A/W13 - Peach Fractal print design

Infinitum A/W13 campaign imagery, photographed by Henryk Lobaczewsk

From Infinitum Autumn/Winter 2013 lookbook

Infinitum A/W13 - Red Fractal print design

From Infinitum Autumn/Winter 2013 lookbook

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2013 Independent Runway. Photo credit: Lucas Dawson

A number of other exciting collaborations are currently developing in the pipelines.... Watch this space! 

x Naomi & Elke

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